About the School

School Mission Statement

The mission of Dr. Bob Forinash Community Day School is to meet students where they are and to provide
them with a high-quality education that enables them to fully realize their potential. We seek to create an
environment that focuses on new beginnings, grit, perseverance, respect and respectability, and individual
responsibility for the future.

Parental Involvement

Parents and the community are supportive of the educational program at Forinash Community Day School.
Parents are always welcome to school events, including back-to-school night, parent luncheons, awards assemblies, Open House and family nights throughout the year.
Forinash Community Day School has a School Site Council that will be meeting throughout the year to work
on the Single Plan for School Achievement (SPSA) and make recommendations to the school for changes.
Parents are encouraged to serve on various committees throughout the school year, attend school events
and volunteer at the school when possible.

School Safety

The safety of students and staff is a primary concern of Forinash Community Day School. The school is in
compliance with all laws, rules and regulations pertaining to hazardous materials and state earthquake standards. The school’s disaster-preparedness plan includes steps for ensuring student and staff safety during a disaster. Fire and disaster drills are conducted on a regular basis.
All visitors must check in at the school office and wear a visitor’s badge while on school grounds. During lunch, and before and after school, teachers and administrators supervise students and school grounds, including the cafeteria and playgrounds, to ensure a safe and orderly environment.

In 1998, the Comprehensive Safety Plan was developed by the district in consultation with local law enforcement in order to comply with Senate Bill 187 of 1997. The plan provides students and staff a means to ensure a safe and orderly learning environment. Components of the Comprehensive Safety Plan include child-abuse
reporting procedures, teacher notification of dangerous-pupil procedures, disaster-response procedures, procedures for safe ingress and egress from school, sexual harassment policies, and dress code guidelines.  A copy of the plan is available
to the public at the school and district offices.